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Michigan Works! Helps Savannah Achieve Dream of Becoming a Paramedic

Savannah dreamt of becoming a Paramedic, but she couldn’t afford the tuition required to upskill from being an EMT. With the help of Michigan Works! and the MiLEAP program’s tuition assistance, Savannah was able to earn her paramedic certificate and passed the State licensing exam. This is her story.

“Hello, my name is Savannah. I am a participant in the NCMC MiLeap program. The MiLeap program helped make my dream of becoming a paramedic possible. MiLeap helped me with tuition assistance and even offered to help find a permanent career in the field I chose. Without this program my outcome could have been much different than it was. My case worker Wendy Kitchen was a main character and contributor in my success. She helped me with anything I needed every step of the way and truly advocated for my needs as a student. She and everyone at MiLeap believed in me and the potential I had. They helped make my dream a reality. I now am operating as a full time Paramedic for the state of Michigan, debt free, with the world as my oyster. My possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit and the MiLeap program made that possible for me with the abundant amount of assistance they had to offer. Wendy was constantly checking in with me and making sure all of my needs were met as I was navigating my way through school. The team as a whole was absolutely fantastic and I truly felt like I was a priority. I even recommended the MiLeap program to one of my friends who is upcoming in the nursing program. I see all of the resources, information, and assistance available for us students and I can’t help but become overwhelmed with joy. I recommend this program to anyone in the upcoming trades, medical, or other fields to help take some of the weight off their shoulders when it comes to receiving assistance with tuition assistance, career development, or job placement. Truly a wonderful program; it definitely changed my life!”


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