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Michigan Works! Helps Mom Get Re-employed After Covid Closures

Carrie came to the Cheboygan Michigan Works! office seeking help finding a new job. She had recently been laid off and didn’t want to be on unemployment. She has children to take care of and didn’t want to settle for unemployment.

Career Navigator Kelli helped Carrie create a PMTC account and provided a few job referrals to apply to. Carrie heard back from one application immediately and she got the job. She was very thankful for the assistance Kelli had provided in her job search for a professional career.

Kelli also explained the classroom training program to Carrie, providing her the information to get assistance with tuition to become a pharmacy tech.

Carrie states, “Working a seasonal job has been challenging. Before Covid, I had a hard time holding down a job. Then with the kid’s school closing (due to covid), it became very hard to make ends meet. So I finally sucked up my pride and reached out for help, because if you don’t seek help, you won’t get it when it’s needed.”

“I’m so thankful for the job search help and helping me understand the correct tools to use to be professional. Being a full-time mom when covid hit was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I just kept pushing and didn’t give up for my kids. I’m so thankful now to have a good paying job that is close to home. Kelli was a great help! Thank you!”


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