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Michigan Works! Helps Break Barriers and Supports Success

Christine came to Michigan Works! in search of employment. She had a barrier making it difficult to find the right position, but she did not let that deter her. She landed an interview with HR Manager John Metts at Springs Window Fashions. Christine's positive attitude and good work ethic shined through during her interview and they decided to hire her.

John Metts worked with Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional Alayne Hanson to secure On-the-Job Training funding assistance, stating he had just hired on a new employee that he knew would be a wonderful asset.

Christine did not disappoint. From the first moment of contact with our office, Christine was a dream to work with. She had good communication and quick participation, allowing us to maximize the supportive services we were able to offer.

In addition to covering a portion of training costs to her employer, we were able to help her with car insurance to get her vehicle road ready for work, and gas mileage reimbursement to get to work. She recently completed her On the Job Training contract. During that contract, Christine was promoted after 7 weeks on the job to a position that normally advances after 1 year.

Springs hiring manager John knew Christine had a degree in a different field that would bring her more success, so he encouraged Christine to research positions using her educational background. Again, her work ethic and skills landed her a position making twice her previous wage! Since the new position required relocation, Michigan Works! was able to offer resources to assist with finding housing.

It was a group effort from the Grayling Michigan Works! office and a partnership with a supportive employer (Springs Window Fashions) which helped Christine on her journey to self-sufficiency and success. We were thankful for the opportunity to assist Christine and look forward to witnessing further success from her as she builds a successful career!

Thankful for all the help she received, Christine says, “I couldn’t have done this without you!”

Proud of her achievements, HR Manager John Metts at Springs stated, "It's been a pleasure to have Christine work with us and we are sorry to see her leave."


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