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Michigan Works! Helps Aspiring Trucker Overcome Hurdles To Obtain License

Greg came to Michigan Works! seeking assistance in obtaining his CDL. Several years ago he had

been injured at work. He moved to Northern Michigan for a job, but when the company relocated, he was left unemployed. With the help of Michigan Works! Career Advisor, Niki Chamberlain,

Greg was able to complete courses at Road Warrior Truck Driving School and obtain his CDL-B. Having completed his training, Greg has had a few promising interviews, but is currently waiting on his HAZMAT certificate to be processed through Secretary of State, which is backed up at this time.

“The biggest challenge was trying to figure out a career change and what I wanted to do next,”

said Greg. “I actually didn’t pass the driving test the first time, but Kurt, my instructor, took the

time to work with me and gave me another chance to pass it and I did.”


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