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Michigan Works! – Fueling Our Customer’s Needs

Donna had been laid off from her previous employment and was looking to get back into the workforce. She was excited when she was presented with an opportunity to work at Munson Healthcare, but was unsure how she was going to purchase the uniforms required to start the job, not to mention the gas money to get to/from work prior to her first paycheck. She reached out to Michigan Works! in Grayling hoping they could offer some guidance.

Working with Career Navigators Amanda and Christina, Donna’s situation fit the needs for the Direct Placement Program. After completing the required eligibility documentation, Michigan Works! was able to provide Donna with the uniform and scrubs she needed, as well as two weeks worth of gas vouchers to get her started with her new position. Amanda and Christina reported that Donna was a joy to work with and it was really great to be able to help her ease her burden a bit on her path to her new career.

"The gals at the Grayling Michigan Works! were so warm and friendly,” states Donna. “They let me know the helpful resources that were available to me in order to get me started at my new job and career. [Providing] gas, uniforms and shoes to help me get going at the new job, since it would take a couple of weeks before I’d see my first paycheck. I am forever grateful for them all and highly recommend them to anyone.”


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