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Michigan Works! BRES Program is The Right Tool for the Right Job

William had recently relocated to Indian River from Jackson, MI. William took a job at a local heating & cooling company and was hired to work in the shop, but soon after starting the job his employer changed his position to include working in the field. This would require William to provide his own tools, but he had just spent all of his savings on back to school supplies, rent, and unexpected medical costs for his teenage son. William was in a panic about how he would get the tools required for his new position, so he came to Michigan Works! seeking guidance.

William began working with Career Navigator Kristina at the Onaway Michigan Works! office. He provided her a list of the tools needed for his job and, thanks to the BRES (Barrier Removal Employment Success) program, she was able to get William the tools and workboots he needed.

Due to an unexpected and very serious health scare with his son, it took William a few weeks to come in to the office to pick up his tools. But when he did come in, he was moved to tears when he saw Michigan Works! was able to purchased every single item on his required tool list. William was overcome with gratitude at the assistance Michigan Works! provided in helping him in his new position.


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