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Michigan Works! Barrier Removal Program Keeps Home Health Care Worker on the Road

Jeanne provides home health care to clients, but when her vehicle broke down and was undriveable for quite some time, she began to rely on friends and family for rides to and from her clients’ homes. She knew she needed to get her vehicle fixed as soon as possible, but the repairs were beyond her budget and she desperately needed help. She came to Michigan Works! to see if they could offer any assistance.

With the help of Michigan Works! Career Navigator, Rachel, Jeanne was able to receive funds for vehicle repairs thanks to the BRES program. This “Barrier Removal Employment Success” program was the perfect answer to getting Jeanne back on the road again.

Jeanne is appreciative for the assistance she received and is pretty sure her clients are happy she’ll be able to continue caring for them as well. Thanks to the help Michigan Works! was able to offer, Jeanne will be able to keep her job and continue to assist her clients, without having to rely on family and friends for rides. Jeanne also reports that she’s learned just how important maintaining her vehicle is for her employment.


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