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Michigan Works! Barrier Removal Assistance Helps Single Mom Get Fresh Start

After experiencing homelessness due to a house fire, Curtisha and her sons decided they wanted to start fresh. They moved to Cheboygan with nothing but literally the clothes on their backs, with no family, friends, or anyone to turn to. It’s been rough most days. When Curtisha finally found a job as a Patient Care Tech, doing what she loves (and has done all her adult life), she was very happy, but she had no idea how she was going to afford to buy the uniforms required to start her new position. Luckily, Curtisha realized she shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

With help from Michigan Works! Career Navigator, Rachel, Curtisha received assistance to purchase her required uniforms and shoes for her new career, as well gas and repairs for her car (to help her succeed in starting her new position). This assistance really eased the burden and barriers that Curtisha was facing.

“I have a new career, new uniforms, new shoes, and most of all, a new outlook on life!” says Curtisha. “I have always been responsible and taken care of my 4 boys alone. However, this past year has been a rough one. I have no family support outside of my dad and I don’t like to burden him because of his health issues. I have been suffering and really struggling in silence. Michigan Works! has been a light in this dark time for me - giving me hope and encouraging me to keep going. I look forward to gaining my footing in life again and being able to help other Michigan Works! clients in the future by sharing my success!”


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