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Michigan Works! Assistance Helps RN-in-Training Both Financially & Mentally

Angie Souva was a nursing student at Kirtland Community College. With no financial aid available to her, she was working multiple jobs to try to make ends meet while putting herself through college. With WIOA Adult assistance from Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium, Angie was able to receive tuition assistance and mileage reimbursement. With this additional support, Angie has been able to obtain better grades and reduce her stress levels.

Appreciative of the support she received from her Michigan Works! Career Advisor (Jackie Gransden), Angie states, "Thanks Jackie for all your help. This semester has been so much easier with you and Michigan Works! helping me."

Thanks to WIOA Adult funds, Angie is finding it much easier to make ends meet. She reports that the help from MW! has been beneficial both financially and mentally. Angie has been way less stressed and can now be more focused on her goals of becoming an RN.


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