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Metalfab Manufacturing Hosts Talent Tour for Fairview Students

December 9 - Twelve students and one instructor from Fairview Schools attended a Talent Tour at Metalfab Manufacturing in Mio, coordinated by Michigan Works!

General Manager, Kyle Yoder kicked off the tour with a brief history of the company and shared their business growth over the past few years that includes work with electric vehicles.

Students were quickly engaged with the new production machines the company invested in, and also in watching an employee manually hand-bend pieces of tubing through a sequence of moving levers to form the tubing.

Kyle shared with the group that following each student tour, there is least two students who come back to interview at Metalfab within two to three years. He said these student tours are valuable to show the many opportunities for students right in their own community. Three students stayed a little while after the tour ended to speak with Kyle about what they would need for an entry level position, advancements within Metalfab and future expansion plans.

The tour ended with a wrap up on career opportunities at Metalfab and trivia questions related to the tour. Students who answered questions correctly got their choice of a company sweatshirt, knitted hat or notecards with pens.

Kyle shared with the Michigan Works! staff that he was quite impressed with the interaction with the students and the interest they showed during the tour.


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