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Hired On-the-Spot Thanks to Michigan Works! Referral

Rae Lynn was devastated when she was laid off from her employer of over 25 years. Unsure what to do next, she stopped in to Michigan Works! in Alpena and spoke with Career Navigator Carrie. Carrie helped Rae Lynn create a resume and apply for a position with another local employer, Compassionate Care, who had just recently held an Employer of the Day hiring event in the MW office. In addition, Carrie reached out to the Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional, Brenda Hanson to see if the company was still in need of applicants.

Brenda reached out to Compassionate Care to see if they were interested in Rae Lynn, an experienced CNA. They said “send her over and we’ll interview her today!” Rae Lynn immediately went to Compassionate Care where she was interviewed and they offered her a position on the spot. She was so excited that she came right back to Michigan Works! to share that great news!

Thanks to the team coordination and referral from Michigan Works!, Rae Lynn secured immediate full time employment and is making a competitive wage. What a difference a day (and the right teamwork) can make - one minute you’re unemployed and the next, you’re starting a new adventure!


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