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Hillman Students Tour Ossineke Industries

October 12, 2023 – Thirty-three students from Hillman High School participated in a Talent Tour at Ossineke Industries, a division of Starcutter. The tour was coordinated by Michigan Works! Youth Career Advisor, Allison Oakes, and Business Solutions Professional, Angie Asam. Students were given a brief presentation on what Ossineke Industries and Starcutter do as a whole, before they began their tour of the plant. During the tour, students learned the entire manufacturing process, got to see all the machines running, and were able to interact with staff members.

Students enjoyed the tour, were engaged and asked questions. Starcutter explained how employees have advanced their careers in the company. Plant Manager Bill Keen told the students how he started out working at Ossineke Industries while he was in high school as a shipping helper, then advanced to become a machine operator, and kept climbing the ladder to his current position as plant manager. Wages, benefits and hours were discussed, and students learned that many of the employees had been with the company for a long time. Students reported they wished the tour was longer, they were amazed to learn that Ossineke Industries manufactures all sorts of drill bits, some of which are the size of a human hair, and that their largest client is the medical field.


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