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Hillman Students Tour Kirtland Community College and M-TEC

November 30, 2023 – Thirty students from Hillman Schools, grades 9-12, attended Talent Tours visiting M-TEC and Kirtland Community College. The tours were coordinated by Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium.

At M-TEC, students sat through an information session reviewing programs, requirements certification and degree programs, how to apply, and career opportunities. After the info session, students participated in a pop quiz review. Students then completed a walk-through tour of available programs, including the in-demand trades HVAC, Welding and Fabrication, Electrical Technology, and CNC. Many were in awe to see how heated sidewalks are installed.

At Kirtland Community College, students toured a walk-through of available programs, including the in-demand occupations Healthcare, IT, and Automotive. They also toured Wood Sciences, Cosmetology, Art, and Law Enforcement. During their tour, students visited the new Gaming Room and tried out a gaming set up, visited the mock surgical room as college students were prepping for a "surgery", and explored the Automotive lab. They also were able to visit with a Hillman Alumni who is presently attending KCC. Students were very interested in how realistic the patient simulators were. After the tour, students were treated to a pizza lunch and received some KCC swag. They were also given information on KCC’s programs, degree/certification requirements, benefits of attending a community college, services available to students, and potential career opportunities. Michigan Works! staff discussed financial aid programs and Pathfinder, the online career exploration tool.


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