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H&H Tube Utilizes Michigan Works! MiLEAP Funding to Upskill Their Labor Force

H&H Tube in Vanderbilt MI found that their workers were struggling and this was affecting their productivity. They needed to train many of their existing workers in CNC Programming and Machining. They went to their Michigan Works! Business Solutions Professional, Melissa McDonnell, hoping she would have some guidance on if there was any training assistance funding available to meet these needs.

Melissa referred H&H to work directly with the Michigan Works! MiLEAP Navigator, Wendy Kitchen, to obtain the CNC training their workers needed. North Central Michigan College offered both “CNC Programming and Machine Operation Fundamentals” and “CNC Programming and Machine Operation Advanced” courses and MiLEAP funds could help H&H pay for this much needed employee training.

Thanks to the guidance provided by Michigan Works! and the partnership between MiLEAP and North Central Michigan College, Michigan Works! was able to pay for the incumbent worker training classes that would solve H&H’s training needs. Seven H&H Tube employees completed the training and H&H was very grateful for the joint efforts of Michigan Works! staff to help them find a viable training solution to upskill their labor force.


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