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Guidance & Encouragement by Michigan Works! Steers Young Mom Towards Self-Sufficiency

Aubrey is an extremely hard working and focused individual. When she was referred to Michigan Works! through the PATH program, she didn't have her High School Diploma or Michigan driver's license and was struggling with finding housing and daycare in her area. She has been living at a shelter and has been in a Work Experience Program at the Shelter for her PATH hours of participation in. With guidance and encouragement from her Michigan Works! Career Advisor Holly, Aubrey has made steady, continual strides in accomplishing her goals by completing her High School Equivalency in 3 months, completing virtual traffic school in Arizona to clear her driving record to enable her to get her Michigan Driver's License, and making overall improvements for herself and two sons. Aubrey has been steadfast in working with Holly to set goals and explore options available to her. She has also applied to Kirtland Community College to pursue a degree in Accounting. Aubrey is dependable and personable and has earned every bit of her success! Working diligently with her Michigan Works! Career Advisor, Aubrey learned that goals can be accomplished step-by-step, especially if you have the right people behind you and you stay focused. Aubrey is thankful that Michigan Works! helped keep her on track with her goals and encouraged her through her journey. She’s also happy with herself, because she put in the extra work to make sure she accomplished those goals.


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