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Grayling Students Attend Michigan Works! Presentation and AJD Talent Tour

August 10 — Four Grayling High School students and two instructors began their afternoon at Michigan Works! Grayling with lunch and a video on sawmill operations and career opportunities in the industry.

Following lunch and the presentation the students and staff toured AJD Forest Products and observed large timber pieces being cut down to sizes, and the heavy equipment used to move lumber throughout the sawmill. A highlight of the tour was being on the catwalks observing the logs being cut below using large sawblades.

Operations Manager, Tim Neff led the students through the mill to see what the company manufactures, and to learn about the many career choices available in manufacturing. Tim answered several questions the students and staff had and was pleased with the interest they had in his operations.

AJD Forest Products is a popular tour site and a big supporter of Manufacturing Day.


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