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From Small Town Troubles to Big City Opportunities, with Help from Michigan Works! Youth Program

Shelby began working with Jeanie Flory, the Youth Career Advisor for Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium in Presque Isle County in January 2022. Shelby needed assistance overcoming a variety of barriers, including transportation to/from school and work, clothing and school supplies, and more. Jeanie worked closely with Shelby, providing weekly assistance in school to make sure she continued on the right track to graduate. Thanks to monetary assistance from the Youth Program, Shelby was able to continue playing basketball, volleyball, and softball. Jeanie also helped Shelby apply to college and apply for scholarships. In addition, Shelby participated in Jobs For Michigan Graduates, including Leadership Day in Lansing in March of 2022, where she was able to meet with Representatives and Senators at the State level. Thanks to the guidance and assistance provided by Michigan Works! and Jeanie Flory, Shelby graduated high school with honors and received multiple scholarships to college. photo credit P.I. Advance

Here is her story:

"How are we going to afford groceries this month?", should not be something a 15-year old should have to worry about. For me, it was. It was a constant mental battle figuring out how my mother and I could afford school supplies, gas to go to and from work and school, groceries, miscellaneous bills, etc., all at once. Jeanie Flory, Youth Career Advisor at Michigan Works!, helped relieve this struggle off of the shoulders of my mom and I. Through Michigan Works!, I received biweekly checks that helped me pay for gas to get to school on weekdays and to work on the weekends. When I needed a new backpack and writing utensils for school, Jeanie assisted with money from Michigan Works!, coming to my rescue once again. Their program also was able to purchase basic necessities for me like socks and underwear. Now that I will be a freshman in college, I don't have to worry about how I will get schoolwork done thanks to Michigan Works! because they purchased me a laptop for college. I will forever be grateful for everything Michigan Works! has and will continue to do for me. Without this program, there was no guarantee of my high school successes and my present pathway onto college.


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