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Financial Assistance in Short-Term Utility Arborist Program Helps Man Pursue New Career

Luke had worked part-time seasonally as a laborer before, but decided he wanted to complete the Utility Arborist program at Alpena Community College to pursue a career in tree work. Michigan Works! was able to assist Luke with $1,500 towards his Utility Arborist training thanks to the Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program. In addition to the tuition assistance, the program was able to purchase Luke’s required safety gear for the class and reimburse his mileage from his home in the Upper Peninsula to Alpena every week so that he could afford the training.

Luke graduated top of his class and was hired for 2 different tree company jobs within a month of finishing the program. He is excited about the career path lined up before him, as well as the $4/hr increase in wages. This spring Luke plans to move out west to work as an arborist in Idaho, where he will make $6 more per hour than he does now!

Luke is thankful for the assistance Michigan Works! was able to provide and says he learned a lot through the program, and that it was very fun. He had originally wanted to work as a lineman and was on the waiting list for that program, but after completing the Utility Arborist program he says he has found the career for him. He is excited to work in the tree trimming industry and continue to work his way up.

Luke thanked his Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program Advisor Lauren, stating, “If it wasn’t for you helping me get financial help through Michigan Works!, I don’t know if I would have been able to afford to go. Thank you for going above and beyond to help me out! I have a job starting in April with Mountain View Tree Service out in Idaho. I’m very excited to put the skills I learned in the Arborist program to use!”

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