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Fairview Students Tour MetalFab Manufacturing for Manufacturing Day

October 6, 2023 - Metalfab Manufacturing located in Mio hosted a Manufacturing Day Talent Tour with Fairview Schools. The 24 students who attended ranged from freshman to seniors.

Company Controller Kyle Yoder started the tour with a brief overview of what the company produces and how he began his career with Metalfab. Kyle is a strong supporter of Manufacturing Day and has participated by hosting student tours for the past several years.

Metalfab was founded in 1990 and the company was originally formed to build tooling and equipment for the Tube Fabricating Industry. With over 33 years’ experience in building tooling and equipment for others, Metalfab decided in 2003 to enter the tube fabricating market. They are now established as a premium, high quality tube fabricator, with plans to further expand as a fabricator using its background in tooling and equipment to seek opportunities to grow and establish long term customer relationships.

Students prepared for the tour by researching the company’s website and viewing some of their videos. This allowed them to come ready with some knowledge about Metalfab and interact with the staff. They asked great questions, and a few students stayed afterwards to talk about how to apply for employment after graduation. Six Metalfab staff members participated in the tour and spoke on behalf of their roles at the company and answered the many questions that came up. The tour ended with donuts and water in the lunch room and a wrap up from Metalfab staff and Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium covering career pathways, education requirements, and career exploration tools, such as Pathfinder.


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