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Fairview Students Tour M10 Industries for Manufacturing Day

October 6, 2023 - In recognition of Manufacturing Day, M10 Industries hosted a Talent Tour for 24 Fairview students. M-10 Industries is a small manufacturing facility located in Mio and surrounded by farm land, national and state forest, and an Amish community. The company specializes in building custom tube and wire forming machines.

Company owner, A.J. Yoder introduced the students to his business and gave them a background on how he started the company and how much it has grown over the years. The students researched the company prior to the tour so they knew some things about it, but they were able to understand the operations once they saw it in person.

During the tour, students were able to take turns feeding tubing into machines and observe how it is formed into a part that fits into a Ford pickup truck. They were able to take home samples of the pieces they made.

A.J. answered several questions about working at his company and he talked about how manufacturing has been a very good career for him and his family. Two of his children currently work for the company as well.

A.J. stressed to the students that manufacturing provides many different areas to work in and has a lot to offer - from exciting and innovative work, numerous job opportunities, good salaries, and room for development. The students enjoyed their tour at M10 Industries and they received information from Michigan Works! about Pathfinder and the programs and services the agency offers.


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