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Crawford County Juvenile Probate Court Attends Talent Tour at Grayling Fitness

August 8, 2023 – Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium coordinated a talent tour at Grayling Fitness for four students from the Crawford County Juvenile Court. Owner Rich Ferrigan began the tour sharing his background in fitness and how he started his business. With over 25 years of experience competing in bodybuilding shows, Rich has the extensive first-hand knowledge of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle, coupled with his formal training through studies in exercise physiology, massage therapy and performance nutrition.

Rich demonstrated several pieces of equipment, and had the students try some of them to get a feel of how they work particular muscles in the body. He also spoke on behalf of living a healthy lifestyle and how exercise plays a vital role in maintaining good physical and mental health.

Rich shared his experience of starting out small and growing his business over the years through bank loans which led to him purchasing his building. He emphasized to the students to try new things, and set goals. The students very much enjoyed their tour and discussion with Rich, and meeting the three “gym dogs” who mingled around throughout the tour.

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium provided an information folder from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits on exercise and the harmful effects from living a sedentary lifestyle.


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