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Career Readiness & Exploration Summer Youth Program—Workplace Professionalism

June 23— John Metts, HR Manager from Springs Window Fashions presented Workplace Professionalism to nine students enrolled in the Michigan Works! NE Consortium Career Readiness & Exploration Summer Youth program. Two students attended in person, and seven others participated by video. The students were able to learn how to prepare for a job interview, making a great impression and what is acceptable behavior in the workplace.

John touched on:

  • How to stand out during a job interview

  • What qualities make a great employee

  • Expectations of how employees treat one another 

  • What is acceptable & unacceptable discussions and talk in the workplace

  • Morales and values

  • Dress code and making a good impression

  • Poor Teamwork - "It's not my job" attitude 

  • Good Teamwork - coworkers have each other's back

  • Soft skills

  • Technical skills

  • Entry level and career advancement at Springs Window Fashions

Following the presentation John was very complimentary of the students’ interest and interaction during his presentation and he relayed, “these kids are sharp, very impressed with how prepared they came with questions and interest in my business and learning how to be a stand out employee.”

Springs Window Fashions is a strong supporter of Michigan Works! programs that benefit the growth and career readiness for students in the community.


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