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Bookkeeper Closes Out Finance Career, Utilizes MW!MiLEAP Funding to Achieve Corrections Officer Goal

Terri had a career in bookkeeping for several years before deciding to fulfill her dream of becoming a corrections officer in May of 2022. She came to Michigan Works! seeking tuition assistance to complete the necessary training to turn her career aspirations into a reality.

Thanks to the Michigan Works! MiLEAP program, MiLEAP Navigator, Christi Wiltse, was able to use MiLEAP funding to fully pay for the Corrections Training tuition at Alpena Community College. Terri was able to graduate the Corrections Academy with four classmates, earning certifications in first aid and CPR, Fire Safety, and a certificate of completion.

Not only did Terri face an uphill climb as a female seeking a non-traditional role in the workplace, but she started her endeavors much later than one might guess.

"I was a bookkeeper for 32 years before deciding to change career paths!" Terri commented.

After completing the Local Corrections Officer Academy Training at Alpena Community College, Terri was able to secure a position as a Corrections Officer with the Alpena County Sheriff’s Department – at the age of 58!

The Sheriff’s Department reports that Terri has been an exemplary employee thus far. She has been recognized by the department for her exceptional service, with commendations in August of 2022. Terri continues to be a valued employee to her department, and a grateful participant of Michigan Works! MiLEAP tuition assistance program.

Photo credit: Lisa Blumenthal, Alpena Community College


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