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Atlanta Students Attend Manufacturing Day Talent Tour at FiberChar & WellConnect

10/1/21 – FiberChar & WellConnect, Alpena - Atlanta (16 students) The tour of FiberChar and WellConnect were chosen to recognize the Wood Products-Manufacturing Industry, in recognition of Manufacturing Month, to bring awareness to in demand occupations and career potential.

Sixteen Atlanta Schools 9th grade students toured both the wood product facility and the geothermal unit facility. At FiberChar, students were given wood samples to handle, with explanations of the types of wood they were holding and the usage of the product.

After the tours, discussions were held regarding the educational requirements of the employees, as well as discussing the on-the-job learning and potential Bachelor’s degree requirements, depending on position. Michigan Works! staff discussed available services, youth programs, and the Career PathFinder tool.

Atlanta’s teacher, Ms. Taratuta, was happy for students to discover how in-need the manufacturing world is and that these companies play just a small part of the process of making various products. Students were surprised to learn the amount of time and work it takes to simply fulfill an order and also to learn that a company right in their backyard ships product internationally.


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