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Atlanta Seniors Attend Talent Tour at Presque Isle Electric & Gas

May 6 - Ten Atlanta High School seniors attended at Talent Tour at Presque Isle Electric & Gas (PIE&G) to learn about in-demand careers in the electric and natural gas industry.

Students explored various career opportunities, from customer service, dispatch, and accounting to gas tech and lineman. As each occupation was highlighted on the tour, presenters discussed the education requirements, most of which did not require a college degree. Additionally, apprenticeship opportunities were discussed.

Students were able to hold the lineman belt, which lineman are required to wear when going up a line pole to repair/preform maintenance. They were also able to hold an 8" plastic coupler that is used for some of the natural gas lines underground, and hold and examine the plastic pipes that were fitted together using a press and hot iron in front of them.

Students expressed further interest in the career opportunities at PIE&G and say they would like a chance to explore the career pathways further. Michigan Works! staff also discussed the related programs available at Kirtland Community College, Alpena Community College, and the online Career Pathfinder Tool.


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