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20+ Year Employee Advances Career Thanks To Michigan Works! Training Funds

Matt wanted to get his CDL to further his career. He came to Michigan Works! to ask about possible classroom training assistance, but unfortunately he was found ineligible. Michigan Works! Career Navigator Yolanda contacted Business Solutions Professional, Stephanie Weizer, to see if there was another avenue to help Matt get the training he needed.

Matt had been working maintenance with his current employer for over 20 years. He was at the point where he either needed to find a new position within the company or look elsewhere. When he spoke to his employer they agreed that if he got his CDL it would benefit both parties.

Stephanie spoke with Matt’s employer, Great Lakes Tissue, and enrolled Matt in an Incumbent Worker Training (IWT), which would help reimburse Great Lakes Tissue on the training costs required for Matt’s CDL training. The IWT also reimbursed Matt for the $1,000 he put down to hold his spot at Road Warriors Truck Driving School as well.

Without this training an employee of 20+ years would have had to pay out of pocket for the training. Thanks to the Incumbent Worker Training Grant through Michigan Works!, Matt was able to get the training without incurring the costs himself. The employer even reimbursed him the down payment that he had put down to hold his spot with the truck driving school!


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