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Michigan Works! Tuition Assistance Helps Laid Off Worker Gain New Skills

Gage had a great job with the pipeline, but got laid off in March 2022 due to lack of work. The challenge was trying to find another good paying job with his current skills. He wanted to get his CDL-A so he would be more have additional skills, another credential, and be more marketable to potential employers, but without financial help, he wouldn’t be able to afford the training. He came to Michigan Works! to see if they could offer assistance.

Gage began working with Career Advisor Niki Chamberlain at Michigan Works! Since he was a dislocated worker, she was able to utilize WIOA Dislocated Worker funds to pay for the training costs associated with getting his CDL, as well as reimburse him for mileage to and from school for the 3-week duration of training.

Thanks to the assistance he received from Michigan Works!, Gage obtained his CDL-A and Certificate of Completion from Road Warrior Truck Driving School.

“Michigan Works! was very helpful in assisting me through the process of obtaining my CDL,” reports Gage. “I am thankful they were able to cover the cost of my training and I am now working for PIE&G full-time!”


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