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Michigan Works! Offers Support Services to Michigan Reconnect Student

Aneta enrolled in the Michigan Reconnect program, which paid for half of her tuition, leaving her to pay for her books and the rest of her tuition out-of-pocket. She came to Michigan Works! to see if they had any programs that could help with her out-of-pocket expenses.

While Aneta didn’t qualify for additional tuition assistance, Michigan Works! was able to pay for her textbooks for the semester.

Aneta says thanks to the assistance provided by Michigan Works!, she is less stressed about going to Nursing school. She plans on saving as much money as she can while working to be able to pay for future semesters.

“I’m just happy I don’t have the struggle to purchase my textbooks any longer,” says Aneta. ”I’m very grateful for the help that I received from Career Navigator Rachel and Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium.”


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