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Michigan Works! – Making Dream [Careers] Possible

Levi H. was working in a field he wasn’t happy with. He wanted a career change, however he didn’t have the funds needed to pay for career training in a new field. After doing some research, he found that Michigan Works! often can help people like him get the funding they needed to pursue new career opportunities, so he contacted them immediately.

Michigan Works! Career Advisor, Jackie Gransden, and Career Navigator, Marie Thompson, walked Levi through the process of applying for the training funding to get his CDL. Once the paperwork was taken care of, Levi contacted the Tri Area Truck Driving School through Kirtland Community College and got enrolled. After three weeks of training Levi was ready to take the state testing. He completed his testing, received his CDL, and began applying for jobs online. He is happy to report that he’s received a job with Northern Logistics.

“I’m looking forward to starting my new career,” says Levi. “Thank you Michigan Works; without them this dream of mine would not have been possible. And thanks to Tri Area Trucking School as well. And a big thanks to Marie Thompson, Jackie Gransden, and Dan Haskins (with Tri Area Trucking) for all the help and support along the way!”


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