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Michigan Works! Guidance and Support Help Job Seeker Secure Employment

Tonya had recently moved back to the area and needed help getting back on her feet and employed again. She began working with Career Advisor Niki Chamberlain in the PATH program to help her get job ready and begin her job search. Tonya attended a Michigan Works! resume writing workshop and developed a professional resume prior to her interviews and Michigan Works! was able to help Tonya with mileage reimbursement to go job searching. Michigan Works! was also able to assist with Transitional Support Services, since Tonya successfully completed her target milestones in the AEP/PATH program. Within two weeks of working with Michigan Works!, Tonya got hired at the Next Door Food Store. She was very excited to find employment so quickly and notes, “I learned that presentation is everything. I dressed well for my interviews and was prepared to answer the interview questions.”

“I was able to find a great job that I love and Michigan Works! was very supportive in helping me find employment,” continues Tonya. “I am very grateful for the supportive services they have helped me with also.”


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