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Johnson’s Oil Utilizes Going PRO Talent Fund to Train Staff

Johnson's Oil had recently gone through some changes and the team members were moving into new roles and responsibilities. The realized that supporting relationships in an industry, such as deliverable fuels, can be a challenge that few have the time nor desire to grow. To help prepare and train their staff for these changes, they worked with Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium to secure Going PRO Talent Funds for training.

With assistance from Michigan Works!, Johnson's Oil received $995 in Going PRO Talent Funds to provide Frontline Leader training for their HR Manager, Ilene Fanzini. The training was provided by Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center.

“I began with Johnson Oil as a Customer Service Representative - my experience, willingness to learn, and energy resulted in a promotion to Human Resources,” says Ilene. “I truly enjoyed interacting and sharing feedback with both the trainer and the other participants. Gaining new perspective from the manufacturing industry was enlightening and relevant.”

Ilene said she found the DISC information and the opportunity to brainstorm and interact with other teams was extremely helpful. She will be sharing the DISC assessment with the team as a whole, and pursue further exploration on understanding style. Ilene says that she learned that empathy and understanding create networks that support the end result of company efficiency and profitability.


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