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From Drop-Out to GED Success

Anastasia was a recent high school drop out who came to Michigan Works! seeking support to complete her education. She began working with Youth Career Advisor Allison Oakes and enrolled in the WIOA Youth Program.

Anastasia expressed that she didn’t care for traditional schooling and struggled with it. After discussing her wishes for her education and future dreams, Anastasia decided that seeking a GED would be her best option. Michigan Works! supported Anastasia by purchasing her GED Ready tests and GED tests.

Over the last two years, Anastasia worked and studied for her GED diligently, all while facing homelessness, unstable living and work conditions, and limited transportation options. Since she started her journey, she has found a stable living situation, has more reliable transportation options, and is employed. Anastasia recently completed her GED and has more opportunities open to her for her future endeavors. Happy and thankful for the assistance and support she received, Anastasia says she hopes to someday to have a career in the medical field.


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